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ID cards to be tested

So despite the lack of cabinet backing, and despite the public consultation going against the idea, David Blunkett is determined to press on with ID cards, and will now be giving it a test. So much for consultation – will anyone ever trust this government again? [Guardian Unlimited]

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  • Jonathan Baldwin

    The odd thing about ID cards is that they only prove that, er, you’re holding an ID card!
    Hi-tech cards will be no more efficient than traditional cardboard ones, and no more secure (less so probably) so why bother with the expense? If HMG are really keen on ID cards, bet to trial them the cheap way before blowing millions/billions on untested technology, particularly if Capita are involved (see Private Eye issue – oh just about every one!)

  • Craig Grannell

    Well, the ID number is great in Iceland, and it’s all people need for proof of ID (such as for video rental places, getting a mortgage, renting a car, and so on). However, here it doesn’t impinge on your civil rights in any way, shape or form. Perhaps Labour should check it out, but I guess they’re more interested in 1984.

  • http://www.christopherbrennan.co.uk Chris Brennan

    Ian, what are the arguments against an ID card in the UK? I’m not sure myself how an ID card would affect my civil liberties? Have you ever trusted any government?