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Jack Schofield vs. John Gruber

Dan Hon has some comments about Jack Schofield’s piece on why Daring Fireball sucks, design-wise. Jack is completely correct that Daring Fireball looks poor when viewed on Windows, and Dan is completely correct that this is due to MS not following standards. But the problem is that if you’re designing a site, to fail to cater for the huge percentage that will view it in Windows IE because “MS doesn’t follow standards” is simply dumb. Remember the user is always right – even when he chooses to use a sucky browser. [via ext|circ]

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  • Kenneth Gardiner

    These sites are fine and easy to read if you are using an Apple with OS 10 and the free Apple Browser Safari. Just hit command + and the font size goes up with each hit. Stop when you can read it while rocking back in your chair.
    Note it will also print in the enlarged size.

    Sarfari is the best browser I have ever used in over 13 years of internet browing.

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