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I’m free

As of last Friday, I’m no longer editor of MacUser. I’ve been planning to leave for a while, and it’s finally happened. The plan is to freelance for a while, then next year I’ll be training to be a teacher. Aiiieeee! The good bit is that it lets me write a bit more here. The bad bit is I need loads of work!

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  • http://radio.weblogs.com/0124519/ Jonathan Baldwin

    Well as someone who did something similar, all I can say is good luck! It’s a huge step and one that more people should be encouraged to do (National Service for the 21st Century?!)
    Mind you, if you think that it’s going to give you more time to write here, I think you’re in for a bit of a shock!


  • http://www.ludicrous.org.uk Ian Betteridge

    heh well while I’m freelancing I will anyway!

  • http://www.adam.tinworth.name/adamblog.html Adam Tinworth

    Why the leap from journalism to teaching. I couldn’t imagine giving up the stress, long hours and low pay of magazine work for the stress, long hours and even lower pay of trying to cram information in the heads of surly teens.

  • http://www.ludicrous.org.uk Ian Betteridge

    Hmm… :-)

  • http://www.gyford.com/ Phil

    Wahey!! Congrats! I love it when people switch careers. Good luck with the finding work stuff…

  • http://www.adam.tinworth.name/adamblog.html Adam Tinworth

    My apologies. I appear to have let a typos slip into my previous comment. It should read:

    “Congratulations on taking the noble step of becoming an educator of our youth, the hope for our proud nation’s future.”

    Anything else was clearly an error insterted by the subs. :-)

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