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Anti-tech day. The hard drive on the Power Mac on which I do most of my work has decided today is a good day to die, which means a lot of nasty tech work. Yes, there’s a back up. No, it’s not that recent.

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  • http://www.j-dom.org Jason Kitcat

    Strange… I had a hard disk die last week (and after replacing it the darn thing decides to work now… but I don’t trust it) and then today my TiBook’s hard disk starts making VERY strange noises and read delays lead me to think it’s on its way to dying.

    Could an operating system update or something else be causing this? I’m not a huge believer in coincidences.

  • http://www.ludicrous.org.uk Ian Betteridge

    I suspect it’s just the general abuse that I’ve been giving this machine of late. That and the hot weather, which never does drives any favours. The drive on my PC actually started up it’s additional super-dooper-turbo-fan the other night – a noise that, rarely heard, is like a jet engine.

  • claire

    Please don’t abuse it much, it’s mine remember! :)

    Anyway, I fixed it. I rule. I am the best. etc etc etc.

    Anyone reading this want to give me a job in Brighton for 40K?


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