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Brilliant, just brilliant

It’s always nice when a plan falls apart, particularly a marketing plan. So when some unfortunate Apple Web monkey posted a gif with the specs of the machines it will announce on Monday on Apple Store, you can imagine what Steve Jobs’ reaction might have been.
But best of all: If you’re going to the WWDC keynote, you now have

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  • http://radio.weblogs.com/0124519/ Jonathan Baldwin

    I saw a grab of the page and wasn’t convinced by it – it seemed a bit out of place typestyle-wise.
    And why change the spec but not the images? Mmm…

    Love the t-shirts, though!

  • http://www.ludicrous.org.uk Ian Betteridge

    Well, only one gif was posted in error: everything else remained the same.
    It’s real: Apple has been trying to get Web sites to take the offending specs down all day (and some have caved in). Ironically enough, I had my doubts about its veracity until I heard that Apple was trying to suppress the story.