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NoteTaker 2003

My current favourite piece of software (holed up as I am indoors with the biggest raging head cold in existence) is Aquaminds NoteTaker 2003. I’ve got to admit it has taken me a little while to get into this application, but now that I have I think it’s pretty great.
Essentially, it’s a notepad application – and the comparisons with Microsoft’s forthcoming OneNote are going to be inevitable – but there are two features that really make it stand out.
The first is the integration with Mac OS X’s Services, which mean that you can clip items from any application and have NoteTake insert them into a new page for you. For Web pages, this is incredibly cool. The second, and for big note takers this is going to be the killer, is the ability to search through a notebook and create a summary of all the notes that refer to what you’re searching for. This feature is perhaps a little difficult to get your head round at first, but once you do, there’s a huge amount of power there.

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