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So here’s the deal. For

So here’s the deal. For a while, I’ve been looking for a system that will allow me to do a couple of things: post from anywhere, via email or Web, and keep a local archive of what I’ve posted. For a few months, I’ve been using Movable Type as my blogging software, because it offers a couple of nice features – most notably, Trackback – and because I like the templates (yes, I know that I could use the templates in virtually any other system if I played with them, but my days of being an HTML monkey are long, long gone).

However, MT doesn’t offer email to blog. Or rather, it does, but you have to have more stuff installed at the server end, which I can’t do (I don’t own the machine that this is hosted on). Radio, which I used to use, does have this feature – but is missing a few other feature that I like in MT.

The solution of course is to combine the two – and thanks to the ManilaBloggerBridge tool that comes with Radio, that’s what I’ve done. This allows you to mirror a posting on Radio to any blogging software that supports the Blogger API, which of course MT does. So now Radio is sitting on my PC at home, listening for email postings, and then pinging them off to MT.

The only downside to this is that the Blogger API doesn’t support titled postings, and MT just takes the first few words of the body to fill it in – an ugly solution. So until Radio and MT support a better standard API, I’ve disabled titles – although I think you might still get them with the RSS feed.

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