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More on al Jazeera

Steve Zellers points to an al Jazeera report – with somewhat gruesome picture – of a US serviceman killed by the Iraqi’s, shot through the head. Steve raises two points. First of all, he claims “it’s not hard to say what caused this soldiers death. He was executed.” First of all, where’s the evidence? There’s not a chance on the planet that you can “just tell” how someone was killed from a picture. That’s why forensics is a science, not a branch of branch of your local psychics union.
Secondly, Steve wishes that al Jazeera “would provide English translations for their news stories. I wonder if they’re afraid to?” Well, your wish is my command. And I wonder, given that Steve doesn’t to my knowledge speak Arabic, how he knows that al Jazeera is pumping out “propaganda” given that it didn’t use to have an English translation?

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