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It’s always nice to find

It’s always nice to find an inventive congressman. Obviously Darrell Issa (R., San Diego) saw a chance to push local business Qualcomm under guise of bashing the French (currently a hugely popular US media sport) and so introduced a bill to ensure that CDMA is preferred over GSM in any phone system installed in post-war Iraq. Why? Because GSM is French. Which it isn’t, of course.

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  • jim68000

    Not French now, but French to begin with: GSM originally stood for Groupe Spéciale Mobile and was later adopted by the ITU when they changed what the abbreviation stood for to… Global System for Mobile communication. (Don’t you love acronyms that don’t actually contain all the letters they ought to?)

    But the anti-French spin is just that, this is american protectionism in its raw form. Should ease Iraq’s post-war transition to UMTS though: nice to see we (the western powers) are thinking ahead for once.

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