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CNN is reporting that “intelligence

CNN is reporting that “intelligence sources” are claiming Iraq is posing a chemical threat, that in effect there is line being drawn in the sand beyond which Saddam would be prepared to use chemical weapons.
These of course would be the same “intelligence sources” who a couple of days ago were claiming that Saddam was probably dead – a claim that has been rubbished by Saddam’s explicit mentioning of resistance at Umm Qasr. This mention of Umm Qasr, by the way, appears to have slipped by CNN, which is still following the Pentagon line that there are “doubts” over the footage.
These, of course, are the same “doubts” that were raised over the first footage. At the time, BBC Radio 4 reported that the footage contained the specific date and time of the US’ initial cruise missile strike – something that, again, CNN and others failed to report, instead following the Pentagon line that the tapes may have been prerecorded.

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