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Frankly insulting

Sigh. Dave Winer makes one of those flippant, ill-though out, insulting posts that has characterised far too much of the response to European opposition to the war against Iraq. Here, he comments on the idea that the difference between US and European public opinion on the war is because Europeans actually have direct, in-living-memory of what war does to a country with a single link to a picture of the World Trade Center post-9/11.
I despair. Really. That someone as generally smart as Dave doesn’t understand the difference between two flattened tower blocks and 3000 dead and seeing your entire city in flames with 25,000 dead is somewhat disturbing. That’s not to underestimate the evil of September 11, but to say that the US understands the consequences of war because of it is stretching the point beyond breaking.

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  • nick sweeney

    Gosh, I posted the exact same URL to Winer. And noted that pissing-contests on ‘who has the biggest crater’ end, inevitably, with Hiroshima.

    But yes, he appears to have swallowed the insulting fodder from the US media totally. I fear once more for his arteries.

  • nick sweeney

    Oh, and I also asked precisely which Iraqis were responsible for the attacks on the WTC. Curious, that.

  • http://azeem.azhar.co.uk/ azeem

    It would also be useful if there was a connection between Baghdad and al Qaeda.