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Clay, start a weblog, now!

God, I’m agreeing with Dave Winer. Dave writes about Clay’s piece on power laws and weblogs, and claims that weblogs are more like DTP than BBS’s. He’s right of course – this is about publishing, and communities aren’t publishing. The point that he makes that really convinces me, though, is that like him I’ve heard of almost none of the weblogs Clay talks about. [via Scripting News]

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  • The Guess Who

    Ah, but the fact that you’ve never heard of these blogs doesn’t mean Clay is wrong…it just means he hasn’t found the chapter in Popular Science Buzzwords for Beginners that explains it.

    The Clay article you’re dealing with is pretty much of the genre: it tries to make a banal statement sound really really exciting by using a scientific term which it is clear that clay has only vaguely understood.

    Clay should give up on this new media stuff and get a job inventing features for anti-ageing cream. (“Now with pro-vitamins and power-laws!”)

  • http://www.ludicrous.org.uk ian Betteridge

    Oh yeah, it doesn’t mean anything. But as you rightly point out, the overwhealming thought when I read Clay’s thing was “huh?” So some weblogs are more popular than others – so what? And surprise surprise, the most popular ones are much more popular than the less popular ones. Wow.

  • http://www.ip2region.com whois

    Interesting. My previous post is missing.

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