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Reminding me why I use a Mac

In addition to three Macs, our house has one solitary, lonely little Windows PC. And, as you might expect, it’s used for one thing – games.
Today, I had one of those experiences that remind me why my day to day work machine is a Mac, and why it’s going to stay that way. First of all, Internet Explorer stopped working. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, as I’d switch to Mozilla or another alternate Windows browser – but all of them stopped too, leading me to think it was a deeper problem.
So I thought that this was a good opportunity to do the annual wipe-and-reinstall that I like to do on most of my machines to freshen them up. And, naturally, I thought I’d move back from Windows XP to Windows 2000, which I’ve found to be more stable. An hour and a wiped drive later, Win2K was installed and working fine.
Except, of course, that it utterly failed to run any of the games I was installing on it, despite most of them being fairly recent. It appears that Win2K is not a games OS, not matter how similar it is to WinXP – which is a games OS, apparently.
So next came another wipe and reinstall of WinXP – and that’s where I am now, reinstalling the approximately 100Mb of patches to bring WinXP up to date and make it less than insecure. Next will come the apps, which will be another few hours.
Remind me to use my Mac more.

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  • http://www.snubcommunications.com Craig Grannell

    Heh heh! :) Well, most of my work these days is done on Macs, and I often get _really_ frustrated, especially with how slow some of the apps are in OS X, *cough*Adobe*cough*, *cough*Finder*cough*.

    However, a quick trip into Win2k on the PC, which I use perhaps 10% of the time, makes me realise that the Mac is still a whole lot better… Mind you, my G4 has DragThing and a few other things installed. Not sure how I’d deal with a ‘clean’ OS X these days.

  • Clanks

    You should use your Mac more.


  • Ian Betteridge

    You know I only use it for games!

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