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More OS X email

Following on from my earlier posting about Mac email clients, there’s, there’s a useful listing of every Mac email client (including a few I hadn’t heard of here.
It’s of particular interest to me because I’m hitting the limits of Mail – once you get past 1000 messages in a mail box, you tend to find it gets rather sluggish…

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  • http://gorjuss.com Giles

    Glad to hear you say that about Mail – I was beginning to think it was just me.

    You’re right, it gets astonishingly slow when mailboxes really start to fill up. I’ve found myself almost resorting to Entourage several times in the last few weeks, so I shall explore this list of alternatives with relish.

  • Ian Betteridge

    It is a pig-dog program as soon as you get to a certain number of messages. My rule is that as soon as I get to about a thousand, I drag the mailbox to the desktop (creating an mbox-format archive) and then delete everything – speeds things up a lot.

  • http://www.snubcommunications.com Craig Grannell

    Seems par for the course with Apple apps right now. iPhoto is ludicrously slow when it has a couple of thousand pics in it, and my copy of iTunes isn’t happy browsing now it contains my entire CD collection (some 6500 MP3s). Currently ignorning Mail and Address Book, as neither will import all my contacts from Entourage and I really can’t be bothered to deal with a load of them manually.

  • joe

    Or, if you create a new identity mailbox, Mail.app deletes your original box including all messages! Nice.

    Additional problems I have found include randomly refusing to send attachments and claiming that various of my SMTP servers are malfunctioning when they’re not.

    Sod this – I’ve gone back to Entourage.

  • Ian Betteridge

    I know. Entourage is really, really good. But I can’t use it, because I want to use Address Book and sync contacts to my phone via Bluetooth – it’s such a nice system – and when I use Entourage I end up using the whole package, not just email.

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