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Kernel panic bug

Mike Cohen hightlights what appeats to be a bug in Mac OS X 10.2.3 that induces the ultimate nasty: A Kernel panic. Mike’s created a discussion on Apple’s boards for this problem, which only affects 10.2.3.

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  • http://monkeejam.com kenny taylor

    Hi ian,

    I have a similar problem with the G4 imac…. I’m sorry but it’s a bit of a long story, and as I am a designer & not a techie, it’ s partly due to my own stupidity, however.. have you come across the following before?….

    basically, through my own ignorance I set the DVD region code to ‘1’, and as I live in the UK, I now know that this should be set to 2. (there was no info concerning this issue when I purchased the machine!)

    it gave me 12 chances to change it and I used them all, as my friend has DVD’s from the US& I often borrowed them, I was oblivious that it could cause some problems and by then, I knew it was possible to change it via a firmware patch.. (which I have the correct one for that make of DVD.. but as I am in the middle of an big job at the moment & it could damage my drive, I don’t want to use it just yet.)

    since then, I am experiencing all kinds of start up problems the occasional kernel panic & start up disc not being recognised (flashing ?). I have to re-boot it approximately 5 times or just insert the OS10 disc, before it successfully re-starts. I have reverted to the old OS 10, thinking that the OS10.2.2 was causing a conflict somewhere.

    I have tried reinstalling both OS10 & OS9.2.2, but there is nowhere to install it as the HD was not being recognised. so I had to persevere and wait for it to decide to start up properly, so as I could back up all my work & initialise the HD.

    This I have done twice, the machine starts normally and the after some time, the fault comes back. I have also checked all my fonts, apps and content, working with the minimum required for this job & using one thing at a time. Again this appears to act normal for a while & then it reverts to the previous fault.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Anything would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks,

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