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Jackwatch: Apple is a monopoly

Jack Schofield, has yet another little pop at Apple, in a report on how it may charge for “pro” versions of its iApps. When reporting on Apple, Jack can never refrain from having a little comment – and lo and behold, he has this to say:

“Lots of companies give simple apps away free and charge for enhanced versions as a way of winning business. However, they don’t usually have Apple’s 100% monopoly market control, which allows it to bundle apps with all its proprietary hardware, regardless of any third-party competition.”

I can’t understand what the heck he’s talking about. First of all, the applications that Apple bundles are relatively simple – just because Apple bundles iTunes doesn’t mean you can’t sell Audion. What’s more, if he’s ever used Windows – and I can only assume that he has – then he might have noticed a few bundled apps, like Windows Media Player, Windows Movie Maker, Backup, and half a dozen others (and let’s not even talk about Internet Explorer). Surely Jack will now be writing a pithy, opinionated piece about how something must be done about about the one certified monopoly in the computer industry, and its habit of bundling applications with its proprietary operating system?

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