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ID Cards

Stand has resurfaced, with a new campaign. It appears that after a consultation process that consists of asking people to download a 30Mb PDF and fill it in, David Blunkett is about to give a speech on the 15th January (to pre-selected media, of course) saying that the public really, really wants ID cards, in the shape of the so-called “Entitlement card”.
You can get a hint of the likely tone here where they say that “The response so far to a public consultation on the scheme shows a two-to-one split in favour of the plans…. Around 1,500 people and organisations have sent in their comments.”
So if you’re concerned about this issue, please head over to Stand NOW where you can send in your own comments. So far, Stand has enabled another 800 or so people to comment, and hopefully if enough people send in their views, David Blunkett won’t be able to get away with casting the ID card scheme in a positive light.

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