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Robert Scoble has been lucky

Robert Scoble has been lucky enough to get loaned a Tablet PC – and he likes what he’s seen so far. While I agree with him that this form factor can change the way people use computers, he claims that the tablet form will be attractive to graphic artists, and that it could mean “Apple is toast in the graphic design business”.

I’m not so sure that Tablet’s will attract many professional designers. I know many, and only one uses any kind of tablet – most simply don’t draw, preferring instead to use the insanely great tools that Photoshop and Illustrator provide.

Robert also mention one of my old Apple faves – Knowledge Navigator. The Sculley-era Apple thing was Knowledge Navigator. It was never a real Apple project, more of a kind of promotional tool for the vision of where the company saw computing going. It remains, however, the most compelling vision of truly personal computing I’ve seen.[The Scobleizer Weblog]

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