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Nick Monahan was on a

Nick Monahan was on a pretty ordinary trip with his pregnant wife, and ended up being fined over $300 for disorderly conduct at an airport. But this wasn’t the usual kind of “ground rage” you get when a passenger, perhaps a little the worse for wear, confronts ground staff over safety precautions.

Instead, Nick’s “crime” was simply to ask why an airport security person found it necessary, in front of a hundred other passengers, to touch his wife’s breasts and ask her to raise her shirt. In the ensuing case, Nick claims airport staff lied in statements, ignored video evidence, and generally acted like idiots.

But, and this is the ultimate point, they are idiots that thanks to ill-thought out legislation and the blanket consideration of “security” as more important than freedoms, have the law on their side. It’s an important illustration that what happens in most tyrannies isn’t a big decree from above that crushes freedom, but a million small acts by small people who now have more power over the lives of others. Power, as the old saying goes, corrupts. [Lew Rockwell]

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