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Moving from Radio to MT

After a few failed attempts, I finally found a way to get entries from Radio to Movable Type. Here’s how.
1. Go here and download the version of exporter.root for your version of Radio (7 or 8). Install this into the Tools folder of your Radio installation, and start up Radio.
2. Go to the Tools page of your Radio configuration. Open up the Exporter tool. Choose the exportMT tool.
3. Select “Blank” for Item titles, no categories, and leave the text as plain. Hit the Export as Text button, and, when it’s finished, follow the link (to “this text file”). Save that file on your hard drive.
4. Unfortunately, you’ll now have to do some fiddling around, so open up the text file in a decent text editor. First of all, you’ll need to change the “BODY:” line so that the actual body entry is on a seperate line, and make sure that there’s no trailing space after the “BODY:” as well.
5. Next, fix the dates. The exporter unfortunately uses a DD/MM/YY format: You’ll need to change this to MM/DD/YYYY, with a four figure year – otherwise it won’t work. Once you’ve done this, save the file.
6. In your MT directory, create an “import” directory. Save your file into this, and use the MT Import/Export utility. Follow the instructions in this, and everything should work.

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