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I’m moving from purely using

I’m moving from purely using Blogger to update technovia to using a mix of Blogger and Userland Radio. The reasoning for this is pretty simple: I want to move away from a system that’s based on a server that I don’t have anything to do with and towards a system that lives primarily on my Mac.
The reason that I’m not moving totally to Radio is that, for the moment, I don’t know how much posting I’ll want to do when I’m away from the iBook that will be Radio’s home. Using the ManillarBloggerBridge lets me have the best of both worlds, so I can still do occasional posts from Blogger rather than Radio, while retaining most of the advantages of using Radio purely.
I’ll probably end up moving totally to Radio at some point in the future – probably when my Blogger Pro subscription expires, which I think is some time early next year.

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