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Ho ho ho it’s another right wing pundit

From out of Australia (I think) comes another rabid right winger. In a piece that virtually drips with venom, Tim Blair takes a pop at Michael Moore over “inaccuracies” in Moore’s film “Bowling for Columbine”.
But here’s the deal: at the bottom of his peice, as is common with bad writers, Blair shows his true colours:
” Millionaire Moore – who is to working class as French is to resistance…”
Now I’m assuming that means Moore isn’t working class, and that thus “French resistance” is oxymoronic. Seems Blair could do with a history lesson. Perhaps he ought to remember the 20,000 French men and women who lost their lives fighting in the resistance in WW2 before shooting his bigoted mouth off.

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  • nick

    Let’s see if Timmeh! pisses his pants over all those traditional associations of Australians with the convict kind, which are based upon far more substantial fact than the ‘France surrenders’ meme.

    Or better, how about a few choice Gallipoli gags?

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