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I think Azeem first pointed this outto me. Friendster is a great service for finding links to people – it’s “Match.com that works.”

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  • http://www.everyonesconnected.com Alan Kung

    Has you checked out http://www.everyonesconnected.com? Whilst Friendster is still in beta, EC has been live since July 2002, and officially launched in January 2003. It has members from over 50 countries.

  • http://www.everyonesconnected.com Andy Lane

    I have been logged on to Everyonesconnected.com for some time now and the site is definitely growing. New features are always being added and it has functionality to suit most users. from fun with friends, to dating and making new friends. There have even been some parties throughout the UK.

  • Matt Bine


    I would hope you log on everyday, you founded it. Nice shameless plug.


  • http://www.markslist.com Mark Brooks

    I should point out that I am a tad biased on Friendster in so much as I am running the Friendster Exposed parties in the SF Bay Area in June and have just started http://www.markslist.com

    I started using Friendster and took a couple of weeks to really get into it, but now I’m hooked, I have 70 friends in the system and am linked to over 15,000. The best way to meet people is through your friends and Friendster does a good job of allowing this to happen online. You can ask for introductions to friends of friends…down to 4 levels. Also, you can dinf people in your network with similar interests. I’ve checked out EC and love the concept, but I think Friendster has the edge due to usability (including a readable color scheme) and is more compelling to use and proliferate.

    I’m very impressed with the high response rates from messages and also by how many people have their photos online. Very unusual. Friendster is going ‘hotmail,’ right now, only because Jonathon took his time in thinking it through and got it right first time with his design of this awesome system. Way to go.

  • http://www.everyonesconnected.com Andy Lane

    Sorry guys/girls about the shameless plug. My wrists have been firmly slapped

  • http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=beancounter Gina

    I was searching the web for the Newsweek article regarding Friendster. And the results, a link which brought me here. So I thought what the hell…I’ll leave my mark. :)

    Friendster – It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve joined and this really works! I have 25 friends or so and am linked to a network of 30,000. It’s scary, it’s addicting…all in a good “whoa” kinda way. It’s amazing how I’ve managed to make contacts again with many long lost friends…this is one sure thing!

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/isuckatthis nichole

    aaaah…what the hell. friendster is down right now.

    i totally agree with you, gina. i’m so addicted. it’s crazy how many people i’ve found from high school…my friend was talking about one of his friends back home and lo and behold, his friend is connected to me via friendster.

  • Tony

    I’ve been logged onto Friendsters for a week now and love it; even found a few people I already knew on the site. Because of these posts I decided to check out http://www.everyonesconnected.com. This is by far the worst site of seen. It’s said to be expanded across the world, but the site’s really useless unless you’re British. I live in Vegas and couldn’t even find one other person out of the 1 million+ on this site. I’m not loggin’ on again. Friendster is by far the better site for Americans.

  • http://webduck.biz trung

    hey all, friendster is down right now? wtf? jeez get me addicted then take it away. I start a little while ago about a couple of weeks. I’m a party promoter so it was amazing to see how many friends i had on there, right now i’m up to 146 friends and connect too over 160k ppl. Amazing.

  • Aaron

    OK – does anyone alse have a terrible time with trying to stay on the site without it crashing? When will some of the bugs be worked out? When was it first online? Better question is when do they think the beta will be finnished? I would really like to enjoy the site, and am encouraged by most of the other users comments. Anyone know about any of this or have any suggestions for me- – thank you all for your time.

  • andrew s

    friendster’s pretty clearly having some technical problems this week. i’d guess they hit another user spike that took them past system capabilities. this happened for a prolonged period in early march too if i remember correctly.

  • L.

    Yeah, I’m having problems staying online too. I’ve been unable to send out invites or even log on sometimes. I’ve just started using the site and haven’t had a positive experience yet. But from previous posts, it looks like friendster is a great. I like the concept, but I wish I could use it. Can’t wait until they are out of beta testing.

  • Deb

    Yeah, I just got on it recently, too. I too have noticed the site is down a lot. Must be the exponential growth, no? In addition, has anyone noticed that your nice, carefully cropped and optimized jpg’s get quite fuzzy upon uploading? Looks like there is some automatic size reduction going on that makes the photos look bad. They’d do better to accept smaller file sizes but just leave them alone. And while I think the site is neat, I do have to wonder – what is the difference between this and the old sixdegrees.com, which everyone was thrilled with for about 6 months and then dropped when they realized they had work to do or tests to take or life to live? How is this different from 6degrees? You are connected to a network of people, you can see how many connections you’ve made, and you can see other people’s profiles. I think on 6degrees you could search by keyword as well. So if they’re the same thing, what’s to prevent this site from dropping in popularity as soon as the wow factor fades?

  • Tony

    Trung….from what I hear, you get most of your “friends” on your list by sending out requests to girls and saying you’re a party promoter and can you please get added to their list. That kinda kills the purpose of friendster if you’re putting people you’ve never met on your list.

  • Drebosity

    Friendster is a novel idea…easy to navigate, when I can actually log on or stay on. I’m with the rest of the folks on this one. It would be great to use, if it actually worked. Maybe they should use one of their contacts to get better system servers!

  • momo

    friendster is so addictive..all thanks to my little friend catherine…but i love it…i’ve found so many long time friends that i haven’t talked to in a while..it doesn’t hurt to find out that you know who also knows you know who through guess who!?..i can never log on anymore though..bummer =(

  • Corner Ninja

    I believe that as long as friendster is up and running, it is the greatest think since sliced bread. It really does bring the subculture of clubbing together though most people don’t really want to admit that. It brings goth into the underground, into the bar parties, into the down-tempo, into the rave, into the match making world, into the you get my point. I have even run into models from the import car scene who are so ‘UNPRETENTIOUS’. THAT is cool. When you can meet people from Texas who want you to come and visit just because of a profile means a lot. When you meet people who you know you love immediately as a friendster, that is cool. I have never found a site that could connect you to so many like minds since the internet first began. GREAT job who ever came up with this concept. GET it out of beta, but don’t kill yourself trying to make a buck. I have asked around and a lot have said that they would really have to consider staying on it if the cost is too high.

  • children’s photos

    for a website being compared to match.com…there are too many photos of children…your subscribers are not reading your agreements…this website needs better control of its subscribers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS NOT A PLACE FOR CHILDREN’S PHOTOS TO BE POSTED!!!

  • http://Quicksilverlive.com Quicksilver

    I signed up on it cause I don’t sleep and got bored. But, I havent talked anyone else into it, so my friends list is severly….empty, lol.

  • Geez

    The reason why there are pictures of children is because those are baby pictures of those who have signed up…it’s not like they put random kids on this thing…it’s them 20 or so years ago. otherwise, it’s them with their kids…..well at least for me and my friends

  • lovemedo

    yeah friendster is great, i love it. but i think the people with over 100 friends are so annoying. ive been on boards where people talk about collecting all their online friends on friendster as well. i think thats lame. i mean, i dont care to be linked to other people who dont really know each other, its not that interesting, and it totally kills the point of the site. it would be nice to be able to trust that each person you see in your gallery is actually connected to you in the physical world.

    that said, i really enjoy the fictions people are creating with random profiles. i mean, there are profiles of neo, cliff huxtable, osama bin laden, and rev. al sharpton. its hilarious. one night i sat up for hours reading them because they were so hilarious and it was just weird that people would go into such detail in creating such random profiles. but then again, today i got ‘shitty’ in my new section, with a picture of shit in a toilet bowl. thats way too gross.

    anyone know the actual number of users on friendster?

  • http://www.kingstarusa.com John at kingstarusa.com

    I checked this web site at http://www.friendster.com, but it looks like this company needs a lot of servers to handle the fast-growing traffic.

  • lem

    hey friendster has been down for like a few days now. Any one know why? It was a just a beta test and that the real program is coming. If that is the case hopefully someone confirms it. Friendster rocks too bad we may never see it again until the new program comes out… and probably paid site.

  • thom

    friendster’s not down. keep tryin, sarge.

  • James

    It’s not down but it’s not useable either. I get in after some diligent effort and then get stuck somewhere like the gallery or on someones profile.

  • Nathan

    Well, after the server upgrade I’m sure friendster will be usable again. I just wish the people from nerve.com and friendster.com would collaborate on something _real_ nice. I’d happily support it!!

  • Strippy
  • booger

    Look, friendster server just sucks period! and I heard they’re going to start charging for service which is STUPID! That’s like paying for friends and what kind of loser would do that? I’m sure there are some people that doesn’t have any friends and have to make friends online which is pathetic. GO OUT MORE OFTEN so you won’t have this problem. Friendster is really dumb and stupid and they should have better service. I don’t even think they are even attempting to FIX the lagging problem at all. so F**K friendster. We can go out and make friends in the real world and NOT online like some desparate losers. We don’t need to pay for friends and pay for your stupid service. You fools better fix the damn lagging problem or we’re not even considering being members of friendster.com

  • http://www.zephoria.org/snt/archives/000564.html social networks tools

    friendster references in blog land

    An odd collection of blog entries about Friendster (in the process of collecting various notes) Technovia [30 Dec 2002] – old reference to Friendster (with Everyone’s Connected advertising in comments) K-Collector’s RSS feed on Friendster (Marc Canter/…

  • children’s photos


  • http://www.buddyBridge.com/ jazon

    buddyBridge.com is far more advanced than all of the others, and ties in everything from match, friendster, and classmates. They are adding new interactive features every day. Friendster is always down and has some serious issues that should have been worked out if they are as big as they claim.

  • sandz

    i havent expierienced friendster.com yet, but my buddies have and they love it so i decided to check it out. i was totally bummed cuz its down and all!!!!!!!! doh’. why was that dude all angry? what a lame! everyone has pc so whats wrong with using it to connect with peeps. i think its kool and i cant wait ’till friendsters’ back and fully loaded! =D

  • Anonymous

    I love Friendster dearly. It is down.

  • http://p.o.'d p.o.’d

    Like the others who’ve commented I think, or thought that friendsters was pretty cool, I found friends I hadn’t spoken to in awhile and I was able to post stuff and see what others are up to. It can be good for networking. But, and this is a big but, if friendsters can’t stay up without booting you off every time you get in (if you can get in at all) people will start leaving in mass. Also they’re tripn’ if they think they can charge for this service, it’s cool to play around with but I wouldn’t pay a penny for it. Fun but definately not nessesary.

  • dookie

    i really like friendster, but if the server continues to be down for long periods of time… it’s not going to be worth the time and effort to even try anymore. i’ve been trying for several days now. poop.

  • snuffles.bear

    also, maybe it’s me, but i totally am paranoid that friendster is collecting our email, etc. for marketing purposes. nothing is free in life.

  • K

    they need to fix the server, alotta couldnt even log on

  • KLA

    i love it. even with all the tech difficulties lately, i have had a blast. everyone has their own way of playing … but mine is to only have people i have met (in person) in my friends list (no fake ids etc). what other people do with theirs is their own business i would think. its too much fun to browse my friends’ friends, drop random notes to people with similar interests, and keep track of far-flung friends.

    i have even organized a friendster happy hour in my area … where you can only invite people you DON”T know that intrigue you on the site. so far that is going VERY well, but its only at its second bimonthly meeting. i have definitely met some amazing people in the flesh that live right near me that i never would have come across without it!

    go friendster!

  • http://www.enemyster.com/ Jeffster

    Friendster is like crack. Once your hooked, you hooked for life.

    Now they got Nike adds on friendster as well as some other huge companies advertising on it. I don’t think they should have a problem paying for some more servers and stuff… they have Nike money!

    Anyway, I think all you haters out there are just pissed because you don’t know anyone who has invited you onto friendster, or you signed up and nobody wants to be your friend because your such asses.

    Try being a little more friendsterly to all and see how that works out for you. 😉

    Or check out:


    – Jeffster

    P.S. Keep rocking that reload button until friendster pulls itself out of beta…

  • pee-wee

    I am hooked on this like I am hooked on crack

  • Sad

    You all think it is bad news that the server is occasionally down on Friendster just imagine what it is like to become addicted and then have it firewalled in your office

  • cambodia

    I’m so sick of friendster being down! I get so many messages but I can never check them. :(

  • GigaByteBabe

    that name is a joke.
    uhm Friendster is okay if it would hurry up and work right and never cost money or put spyware on my computer (even if I do use spybot) then it will be crackalicious with me!

  • http://[email protected] lemmesee

    friendster cool and all but i can never get on on…i try to get on it like twice then im done…i have messages to check too…=(so juss wait until friendster is really working…dont waste yer time on it

  • http://www.ludicrous.org.uk Ian Betteridge


    Someone just left a message on here that, to put it mildly, questioned the business ethics of John Abrams, founder of Friendster. It also made some very nasty unsubstantiated accusations about him and the service and what it’s all about.

    While I’m happy for people to come here and post pretty much what they want, the accusations made strayed into the territory of libel and, as the owner of this web site, I would be held accountable for that in court. So I’ve done something that I won’t do very often, and deleted the posting. Please, if you’re going to post anything, remember that while calling someone a “lying rat bastard” is fine, accusing them of nefarious business practices isn’t.


  • Sean

    hey i just found out about friendster, anyone here from FL?

  • Jim

    If it gets big enough, Friendster could have some interesting social repercussions.

  • tess

    so addicted to friendster, and i get to work on monday to find that they’ve firewalled it…ugh. but it was very interesting to see people who i’ve known for years, on other people who i’ve met through close friends networks. it was like, i didn’t know you knew him who knew her and they know them too? pretty freaky, but so intriguing. i found a pic of my ex with a shaved head! that was sooo freakin’ hysterical. love the whole 6 degrees of separation thingy too- it’s more like 3 for me. wish there was a way past that firewall…

  • Anne


    I have heard about the Friendster site and visited it but couldn’t quite figure out yet what the inviting is all about. So is it necessary to be invited by someone who is already in the network or can someone just sign up and then look if their friends are online too?
    I am danish and of my close friends nobody is on friendster but i know quite a lot people who now live elswhere, many of them in the US.

    thanks & regards

  • Alix

    I saw an article in the HERALD, thought I’d give it a try, found one person I suggested already on, heard from a distant & 2 not so distant friends almost at once, another friend says she hasn’t received the notification. Is it early days in the UK or does it not work? Certainly not working today.

  • Laura

    Friendster was a little weird to me at first as well, but I became quickly hooked…and then- It was firewalled from work and I havent been able to log on at home for a couple weeks…. I know they are a busy site, but I’m still getting emails from new friends added an can’t log on! :o\ I have Comcat and other friends I know are unable to access the site as well…any suggestions/ ideas?


  • John

    Does anyone know about the possibility of being charged for the use of Friendster, and what is being done about the server issues?

  • Arnie George

    Abrams has said in interviews that they plan to charge $6 – $8 a month to send messages (having a profile and friends list would be free). Sure, alot of people will bail to the free sites like impersonals.com and makeoutclub, but if even 1/8th of the current users stuck around and paid… they’d be doing really well.

  • cb

    Has anyone been able to log on to friendster lately? For the last couple of days friendster has not been working for me at all. I don’t even get the log in screen. It just sits and loads but the screen is always empty.

  • http://www.wondermate.com/country.php?country=US_en&go=/index.php Pete

    Have you checked out http://www.wondermate.com? It offers as well many other services

    It is brand new

    Seems to be 100% free (hurry up! This may change)

  • Colightning

    No, it’s been the same everywhere, friendster refuses to load…all the site does it
    ” Connecting to site, site found, waiting for reply. ” The loading bar will load all the way..but friendster won’t.

  • mindy

    yeah, the friendster site is totally not loading. thank god i somehow creeped onto this thread because i thought that the computer i was using was just crappin out on me. or that my pc was pissed at me for spending so much time on friendster and not using it for something purposeful. didn’t realize it was a system-wide error. i don’t think that all of my friends are having this problem however…in fact, i KNOW that they aren’t. what’s the deal?

  • Anonymous


  • Timo

    havnt tried friendster yet and
    dont know any1 of my friends over here in germany who has :(

    I’m sure the hype will die the second u have to pay for it (even if it’s only for the messages) – or who wants to pay for virtually meeting a bunch of snobs???

    Thus my advice to the guys behind friendster: Be sane and keep it free. The advertising should pay enough. No reason to get greedy.

    If they do start charging you might wanna check out http://WWW.HUMINITY.COM
    They sound like good people with an noble approach and a decent homepage. The program you have to download(~3MB) also makes a neat impression, though it could probably use some features getting added. However that’s just a matter of interest and demand, therefore, time.


  • http://www.yahoo.com Dalton McPhill

    Friendster just doesn’t want to improve or work. I came across another sweet and simple site that does what is required. check it out at PalJunction.com and I hope that helps many of you who are looking to create groups and meet new friends.

  • Anonymous

    Yes I also use paljunction.com with my group of friends. As it is strictly your friends and no joe blow. so its good. I’ve tried ryze and stuff, but not helpful.

    good luck to anti friendsters.

  • http://haikel.co.nr deisler

    i dont really get it.. why spent hours n hours on this thing? dont u peeps hang out with ur ‘real’ friends? or isit that this whole thing was created for pathetic people who cant possible socialise with norm people out there..? outcasts maybe? i dunno.. this whole thing is freakin me out~ — nways, i got linked here from google, cause a friend told me about this friendster thingy and shes so happy with it, and i went to look it up what this whole thing was all about. —

  • whatever

    i think friendster is fad and it’s ridiculous. I just hope someone doesn’t put a virus in it and destroy everyone’s computer. I also don’t like talking to strangers, so when my friend told me about i checked it out and realized how stupid it was. I guess if you are a computer junkie and have no social skills, it’s a nice way to waste precious time that could be spent doing something productive.

  • http://st7-1ux ellie


  • http://st7-1ux ellie


  • http://www.friendster.com/user.jsp?id=3591171 nc

    lolx.. friendster is reallie kewl.. and im hooked..

  • http://www.click2match.biz cm

    Have anyone compare Friendster with click2match.biz?

  • josebel d. salazar

    want to know more about this friendster trivia…

  • brian

    friendster is ok…but this past few weeks im have a hard time logging-in!…………

  • lisette

    i was just searching yahoo! about info regarding friendster. i found this site… anyway, after 3 weeks of continuous use of friendster, i find it boring.

  • jhanize

    it help me find the love of my life!!!

  • cesar martinez

    hi there!

  • Ian M Love

    Looking for people I used to know in the Portsmouth area from back in the 1950’s and 60’s

  • http://HTTP christien go

    y dis sites does not access,pls help us to connect,im friendster user.pls help to connest us,it is important bcoz,my account there i did not log out.

  • haslinda27

    I am looking for a long lost friend by the name of HEIDI CARTER, from southampton and currently (i think) working for EMIRATES.Anyone who read this msg pls pass around.

  • http://www.knowmoon.com/ ledi

    hi.. im one of a friendster user.. friendster.. is verY good idea to proMote..,, very fUn.. and enjoy especially to the people who want to meet new people.. and also for friends who wants to communicate even there far from each other.. and through friendster you’ll know what your friends think about you through the testimonials that they give to someone.. but.. i want to ask how my friendster will not have a virus.. especially now that it has.. i cant chat with my friends.. because my friendster has virus.. what will i do.. thank you for your good consideration hope you’ll help me.. thank you

  • odette

    hello i just wana ask how come when i open my friendster or visit the friendster my computer says that illegal operation , then is start to closed

  • mavy


    i have a problem in looging in to my friendster account but only in my pc! just want to know what causes that? pls help me…

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