According to 2600, a photographer

According to 2600, a photographer was arrested. after taking pictures of US vice president Dick Cheney’s hotel. While it’s perfectly understanable that this photographing an area where a high-level government official is staying is likely to attract some attention, surely it would be enough for a few questions to be asked?
But law enforcement officers don’t like being photographed. In the UK, there’s a long history of run-ins between press photographers and police, including some instances where police have beaten up press attempting to report on what they do.

What I want to see is as much surveillance as possible – live, via webcam and blog – of police activities. That’s not because I believe particularly that the police are always (or even often) breaking the law, but because there’s a basic imbalance between citizen and state developing over what it recorded, what is observed.

A government that demands the right to surveil its citizens has to accept their right to use the same methods to ensure it obeys the law.