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Aaargh! Why is it that

Aaargh! Why is it that every time Jack Schofield writes for Guardian Online on Apple, I want to beat my head against a wall? This time, on a quiet day, Jack has time to go through the Apple 10-K filing for the figures on Mac sales.
The bare bones facts are, as Jack says, not good: Apple now needs to double its sales of Power Macs in order to get back to where it was two years ago. But on other product lines – most notably the consumer products – it’s lucky reasonably healthy, and the diversification into music with iPod has been a big success. Total Mac unit sales have been flat over the past year, which in the current economic climate is something of a triumph.
What gets the back up is the tone, with the off-the-top mention of Steve Jobs’ executive jet (which was a couple of years ago, and in line with his competitors). Jack doesn’t mention the flat unit sales, either.
A few years ago at an Apple lunch, Jack told me he thought that Apple was “a proprietary mini-computer company”, in a tone that suggested this was A Very Bad Thing. Looking at the hard time that Jack gives Apple in his coverage of them, and the completely uncritical approach to Microsoft from the same author, it’s easy to see what Jack believes is “impartial” reporting. [onlineblog.com]

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